The backbone of any good soup is a good stock. Whether it’s chicken, beef, seafood, of vegetable – it’s key. When I was first learning to cook, I had the hardest times with soups. It seemed so easy, yet, I kept messing it up. It was always too bland, or too overly seasoned. Thankfully, after a few bunk batches, I got the feel for it. It is almost too easy in it’s simplicity. Some chicken scraps, carrots, celery, onion – combined, transform into liquid gold.

You could easily substitute a turkey carcass, if you happen to have one lying around. It’s quite possible a few of you might! I like to make the stock a day ahead, and refrigerate overnight. That way the fat separates to the top of the stock, and I can skim it right off before reheating to make the whatever it is I might be doing with the stock. I find that poultry, more than anything, renders a ton of fat. So, I always like to remove as much as I can. I don’t even bother peeling the onions or the carrots. I literally stumble to the stove in the morning in my PJ’s, throw the stuff in the pot, and call it a day. Doesn’t get much easier than that, folks!


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    “Liquid Gold” is right! I began to pressure can my chicken stock, allowing it to be shelf stored in mason jars and free up freezer space for other things. Love to use it in place of water to braise veggies and add to roast for great sauces.

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    Indeed a very helpful post. A good stock recipe is a great find. At times, when I ran out of homemade stock, and I use store-bought I just make sure it has the lowest sodium content. Well, if I have time I will always root for homemade stock. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

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    I Love making my own stock. I also make and freeze turkey stock. I don’t have any place to store many canned things, so I save the canning for tomatoes and jelly’s. I put the stock in zip lock bags and freeze them flat. They stack up easily make my stock the same as you, but I add bay leaf because I have a bay leaf a BIG pot… (LOL)

  4. Paula
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    I also make my own but recently started blending up the cooked veggies in to the stock. So good, even better.

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