It’s no secret that I’ve been kind of a lush when it comes to margaritas, or most mixed drinks (or craft beer) in general. But these cherry margaritas? They’ll blow your mind. Even my best girlfriend, who had sworn she didn’t like margaritas, changed her tune after trying one of these. And, now whenever she comes to visit – I’d better make sure I have some cherries on hand. Not that I don’t have them on hand this time of year anyway… But, I always manage to squeeze some manual labor out of her and make her muddle.

The muddling of the cherries brings out all their sweet juicy goodness, a splash of maraschino cherry juice to replace the dab of simple syrup, then mix it with a basic margarita mix and you’re all set. Be ready to receive plenty of compliments on your mixology! I’m making a gallon-sized jug to take to a campout/party on “The Sandbar” this weekend. It’s this little stretch of beach at the inlet to ocean, only accessible by boat of course. It’s the local spot for fun in the sun, and you can bring your dog – which is a huge plus for us.

This is the second annual campout now, and quite a few old friends are going. While we get out for an occasional dinner without the boys – I’m ready to get my dancing shoes on. Or, off actually, as we’ll be dancing in the sand. Fun stuff. I have a feeling that with these margaritas to share, I’ll make a few new friends too! Have a great weekend, everyone!