When it comes to breads to use for sandwiches, rye bread is at the top of my list. That chewy interior, a crusty exterior – flavorful caraway seeds studded throughout. I just love it. When I saw Tara make a homemade version several months ago, I added the necessary ingredients to my next King Arthur order. But, I never got around to actually making it.

Last week while we were stuck inside with Hurricane Sandy’s wrath outside, I decided to give it a go, and finally make the rye bread. I actually had gone to buy a loaf before the storm, but the only thing left was wheat bread. Which, by the way – people were walking by as if it weren’t even an option. You’d rather have no bread than wheat bread? Sometimes I just want to hit people in the head with a stick! So yeah, I came home and threw together the sponge for the bread. Then a few hours later I was putting the bread into the oven.

It turned out so well. Like, the best rye bread I’ve ever had in my life kind of “well”. I made the 2 smaller loaves, but I think the one big loaf would be better for sandwiches. We enjoyed one loaf with chicken & rice soup that night during the storm, and then we made sandwiches with the other. Turkey, swiss, avocado, sprouts, and spicy mustard on the slightly toasted rye. Wowzers, it was good!

If you live in a city, you can probably find most of these ingredients at Whole Foods or a specialty bake shop. But, if you don’t – King Arthur Flour has everything you need, and much more! Any excuse I have to order from them, I do. I’ve gotten more into bread baking this year, and they really have been an indispensable resource.