Instant Pot Macaroni & Cheese

Pressure cookers are definitely the hot “it” appliance right now. I’ve had an old stainless model for years, that I use for canning – but at 16 quarts too big to use for general use in my kitchen. So this fall I hopped on the old bandwagon and purchased an 8-quart Instant Pot, and haven’t looked back since!

I’m hesitant about unitaskers in my kitchen, and I was skeptical how much I’d actually use the thing on a regular basis. Turned out I was pleasantly surprised, using it at least two times a week in my kitchen. To be able to make a quick chicken or vegetable stock in under an hour blows my mind.

Not to mention other tasks like potatoes cooked to perfection in a few minutes, dried beans that taste they’ve been simmering all day long in an hour, or this easy macaroni and cheese – which goes from pot to table in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (just a little over 10 minutes).

You could take it to the next level by pouring the finished mac into a baking dish and topping with more cheese (or breadcrumbs, if that’s your thing) and popping into the oven for a few minutes to melt. But, we usually don’t get that far. I’ve also been known to throw in a cup of diced ham and a chopped head of broccoli to bulk it up and make it a one-dish meal that everyone always loves.

Do you have an electric pressure cooker? What are some of your favorite recipes to make in it? Share in comments!


  1. Posted January 8, 2018 at 11:00 PM | Permalink

    All hail the instant pot. I mean really, how does this kind of deliciuosness happen so fast!? MUST try!

  2. Posted January 9, 2018 at 12:55 AM | Permalink

    Any recipe that includes the phrase ‘two shakes of a lamb’s tail’ is an automatic winner. I love my Instant Pot too and I’m trying this out tomorrow. The venting is less scary since I’ve started using a long-handled wooden spoon to raise the vent.
    Thanks for another great recipe Tide & Thyme! xoxo

  3. Posted January 12, 2018 at 9:52 AM | Permalink

    I’ve been debating buying an instant pot for a few weeks. But recipes like this definitely make me want it more. If I get it I’m definitely making this!

  4. Posted January 12, 2018 at 7:47 PM | Permalink

    I’m sooo in love with my Instant Pot. This looks so easy and delicious! On my to try list for sure. Thank you!

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