Back at the end of July, Chincoteague Island had their Annual Blueberry Festival. In addition to a wide array of arts and crafts, and delicious food offerings, they sell flats of blueberries for a great price. We ordered a flat, and brought it home. We immediately froze and bagged most of them, to be used through out the year in various recipes. My home brewing husband, Jon, brewed a blueberry cream ale a few weeks ago. It’s getting ready to be kegged next week, and should be pouring shortly thereafter. Neither of us can wait to try it! That, however, is another post…

I’d been wanting to make these beautiful cupcakes for some time now, back when Annie posted them in the spring. They looked so deliciously light, and airy. And lemon/blueberry is just about one of my favorite combinations on the planet. This one is definitely a winner! A  fresh change of pace from a traditional run-of-the-mill standard cupcakes (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). I love that the cream cheese frosting has a hint of lemon too, just puts it over the edge. Try these!


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    I’m glad you’re blogging again, Laura!! Our favorite brewery here in Atlanta has a blueberry beer that I absolutely love – I bet you’ll love your husband’s homebrew. And these cupcakes look so lovely. I wanted to make them this summer too, but just never quite got around to it…

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    SO happy to see you posting again, and very glad you enjoyed these cupcakes 🙂

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    These look soooooo good! Our blueberries are done for the year, but that doesn’t stop me from printing this recipe and making it next year when the bushes are exploding again! I’m with you on the cream cheese frosting. What doesn’t improve with a bit of cream cheese? 🙂

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    These look fantastic! I love the addition of the cream cheese.

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    Those are some gorgeous cupcakes! I never did get to take advantage of the blueberry harvest this year. So sad! Your husband’s blueberry cream ale sounds interesting, too. Hmmm…

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