When I moved from Annapolis, here to the Eastern Shore, in my senior year of high school – it was kind of a culture shock. It wasn’t the rural life, or the small town atmosphere. For me, school itself was the biggest difference. I went from a graduating class of 600, to 37 (and that was a BIG year for Chincoteague!). And the food, it was REAL food with REAL silverware – no more plastic sporks!

They made these giant trays of homemade yeast rolls. They literally melted in your mouth they were so pillow-ey and soft. I couldn’t believe it – fresh baked bread? The rolls we got with my old school lunch were like rocks. One of my dear friend’s mom worked in the school cafeteria, just recently retired actually, and managed to share with me the school bread recipe. It makes like 200 rolls though, so I’m looking forward to scaling it down and trying it out. Making homemade dinner rolls is something to really take pride in, at least I think so.

This recipe is from my buddy Shawnda. I’ve made them twice now, and they have come out perfect both times. It makes 2 pans of rolls, which is nice. I made a big pot of chicken soup to take to my book club on Friday night, and these rolls were perfect alongside. You could also do one pans worth to freeze. Just cover well and stick it in the freezer after the first rise – then remove a few hours before you need to bake, and continue to bake. I did add a bit of garlic powder to the butter before brushing it on, and I liked the garlic-ey kick it gave the rolls. It fit in nicely with the rosemary and black pepper. Will make these again and again!