I first had this salad at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse several years ago, and was completely blown away. I’d never had a salad that was served with a warm dressing, much less one that had a bunch of bacon drippings added to the mix. It’s just enough to barely wilt the spinach, red onions, and thinly sliced mushrooms.

It couldn’t be any easier to make at home either, and makes for a wonderful lunch or dressier side salad for dinner. I served it with alongside the French onion soup I made last week, and it was great. This is Alton Brown’s recipe (because you can never go wrong with AB), and it uses red wine vinegar. But, I’ve also used balsamic as well – and just cut out the sugar from the recipe. Hands down, my favorite salad. Make it!


  1. Posted October 29, 2012 at 1:59 PM | Permalink

    A perfect autumn salad with spinach. Love warm bacon dressing.

  2. Posted October 29, 2012 at 2:34 PM | Permalink

    This sounds like the most perfect salad, ever. I can’t wait to make it!

  3. Posted October 30, 2012 at 7:58 PM | Permalink

    Hi Laura! This looks like the most wonderful salad for this time of year. Comforting, yet light. And so flavorful – the sliced egg would be my favorite part. I love eggs and spinach together – spinach usually goes in my omelets 🙂

  4. Barbara
    Posted August 20, 2015 at 7:04 AM | Permalink

    I used to make this years ago when I was first married. Forgot about it, but I will be making it again.

  5. Meri
    Posted October 26, 2017 at 11:30 PM | Permalink

    Please use this recipe for water cress and bacon and red onion omit the egg it’s killer’! Also if you have fresh Belgian endive it’s just fab same dressing it’s a hit!,,,,,,

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