Chocolate mousse is one of my all time favorite desserts. It’s relatively quick and easy, and is always impressive. So, when I saw a recipe that takes that love, and multiplies it times three, and then puts it into the form of a cake – lets just say it took my breath away. I made this cake for Valentine’s Day, and I was kind of worried that I’d be pressed for time. It’s quite a lengthy recipe, but don’t let that intimidate you. As with most Cook’s Illustrated recipes, it looks a lot worse than it is. But, it’s their descriptiveness and attention to detail that always make their recipes sure fire winners. I worked on it here and there all morning, and by lunchtime the cake was done and chilling in the refrigerator.

It was all I could do to wait until after dinner to unmold and serve it. I’m pleased to report that it’s everything I thought it was going to be. Often chocolate desserts are so sweet they hurt your teeth. Not the case here. The use of bittersweet chocolate really creates a great balance. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate, but the extra boost of sweetness it lends to the top layer is welcome. This will definitely be a new addition to my repertoire of special occasion desserts. It was just perfect!