This cake is pretty much the essence of fall. A moist spice-flavored cake with chunks of apples throughout, and a ribbon of sweetened cream cheese filling in the middle. When Tracey posted it last month for Baked by Rachel’sAn Apple A Day” event, my jaw literally dropped. I knew I had to make it immediately. I only had a 10-cup capacity Bundt pan though, and the recipe called for a 14 cup. I tried to make it using the 10-cup, scaling back the amount of cake and filling – but it just wasn’t right. Turns out the larger pans are harder to find than I though, luckily my mom came across one though – and I made the cake again. Sheer perfection!

And the praline frosting? I was thinking I wouldn’t like it – that it would be gritty. Wrong, on all counts! It was smooth and thick, and complemented the cake perfectly. Not to mention the gorgeous presentation it lended. Will definitely be making this one at least a couple times more before apple season is out! Enjoy!