Is it just me, or has it been a realllly long week? Last Sunday we went to the sandbar. It’s pretty much what it sounds like…a sandbar that has formed at our ocean’s inlet outside of Assateague and Wallops Islands. It’s pretty much a local’s only spot. We take the boat out with a basket of fried chicken for lunch on Sunday afternoon, enjoy a tasty malt beverage, throw some horseshoes, chat with friends, watch the boys and our dog have a blast swimming together…it’s pretty much Heaven on Earth. I’m so lucky to call this place home!

An old friend from high school and his lovely wife, who also happens to be a great cook and foodie, stumbled upon our beach chairs in their sandbar stroll. I mentioned that I was trying to use up blueberries, and she mentioned this fabulous blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake that she’d made twice in a month. With that kind of recommendation, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. And let me just say, wowzers! Easy, moist, delicious – what more could you want in a cake? It was definitely reminiscent of a blueberry muffin. But, the muffin top portion (anyone remember that episode of Seinfeld?). Which, is of course the best part.

Delightful for breakfast, brunch, or as a simple dessert. I’m already looking forward to trying it with other fruits or berries too – how delicious would it be with peaches or raspberries? Or both? Have a great weekend everyone!