Blueberry Pie

Our small town fair is at the end of this month, and I’m trying to narrow down what I’m going to enter. The past few months, I’ve been working to strengthen my “pimp hand” in the pie department – and am proud of how far I’ve come. For someone who used to pull her hair out rolling out a pie crust, now I find myself cool as a cucumber making pies – whether it’s a fruit or creme filling.

The boys and I went blueberry picking last week. I was surprised at what good pickers the boys have turned out to be. At 5, I knew Andrew would be a big help. But, I wasn’t holding out much hope for William. I figured I’d have to go through his bucket and pick out all the less-than-desirable berries. But upon further inspection, he’d only picked the ripest, bluest of berries! We made blueberry pancakes the next morning, and then a blueberry pie that night. It’s always such a treat to make things with the fruit that you’ve harvested yourself!

This pie was declared “the best pie” Jon’s ever eaten, and my cupcake guinea pig Jamie said that it tasted just like her mom’s blueberry pie – which trust me, is an honor. The addition of lemon zest and juice ads a brightness, and cuts some of the sweetness. I also like the cornstarch as a thickener. I’d tried a recipe that used ground tapioca starch in the past, but I felt like the cornstarch held up much better when cut. While a bit of juice oozed out, the pie was still perfectly stuffed with blueberry filling after cutting.

I’m pretty sure this will be an entry in our local fair this year. Without a doubt, it’s blue ribbon worthy!