What a great summer dinner this was! I don’t do much with flank steak. I feel that it’s overpriced for the cut of meat that it is, usually going for upwards of $8 a pound. But, it’s a great option for a weeknight meal. So, when it went on sale for $3.50 a pound – I stocked up, planning to use it for fajitas and gyros throughout the summer. Luckily, that next week Tracey posted this delicious looking recipe that immediately caught my eye. I’m a fan of anything that calls for a marinade, letting the protein do it’s thing while I prep the rest of the items for dinner. A quick 10 minute grill, and dinner is on the table!

The leftover marinade was then cooked down into a sauce to serve over the sliced steak. Out of this world good! The bite from the bourbon, and the sweet-syrupy quality that the brown sugar lent was a sure fire winner. I’m glad I went ahead and cooked a whole flank steak, instead of a half, because the leftovers were amazing on a steak sandwich with a bit of arugula for lunch the next day. Definitely will be going to this one through the summer!