Chicken Parm is definitely one of my favorite choices when it comes to Italian fare. A tender chicken cutlet, breaded and pan fried – then slathered in a zesty tomato sauce and melted cheese. How can you not love it? It’s also a relatively quick dinner, that can be pulled together with pantry staples.

I remember my early days; making this dish with pre-breaded chicken breasts and jarred tomato sauce. But, once I made it from scratch, there was just no comparison. No going back. I’ve been known to use a jarred sauce in a pinch, actually have a couple of jars of sauce in the pantry that I need to whittle down. But, after making this super quick marinara a few months ago – I just haven’t been using the store bought stuff. If you’ve not made chicken parm at home before, give it a try. It’s a classic dish that anyone should be proud to have “under their belt”. Enjoy!