Chocolate Covered Peep Lollipops

We sent Andrew in with all the little Valentine’s for his class today. He was so sweet addressing them last night, diligently writing his name on all of them – it just melted my heart. I can’t believe how big my little boy has gotten so quickly!

We also made these to share with his class too. Evidently, Peeps makes marshmallow confections for things other than Easter now – who knew? Not only that, but they come in delicious flavors like vanilla and strawberry cream. These simple marshmallow hearts, when dipped in chocolate and stuck on a lollipop stick make for a super cute little treat to share with friends.

We also had a lot of fun dipping them, and then decorating them with some festive Valentine sprinkles. In about half an hour, we’d made about 30 of them. More than enough for him to take in to share with his class – plus a few extra for our Valentines around here…*ahem* a certain little brother.

A found some lollipop treat bags to seal them up in, and tied closed with a piece of baker’s twine. When put together, I thought they were just adorable. And after sampling one, I have to admit they’re pretty darn delicious too! A nice, lighter change from all the chocolate we’re bombarded with this time of year. And, I mean, how cute and fun? I’m sure this is one we’ll be looking forward to making every year!

Source: adapted from Peeps Marshmallows