This bread is a staple in our house. Alongside some yogurt and fresh fruit, it’s a delicious quick breakfast. But sweet enough that when toasted with some butter and cinnamon sugar is a decadent treat when the boys have gone to bed. I’ve been foolishly buying it in the store, knowing full well that I could make a better version at home. I tried a couple recipes, and while they turned out well, I didn’t find myself looking forward to making them again. Either the filling was too runny, or the swirl puffed out too much. Edible and delicious, but not precisely what I had been looking for.

I came across this recipe at The Kitchn and tried it, and I was blown away by how perfect it turned out! It mentioned in the article that the key to having the layers hold together was to use an egg wash, not melted butter, to adhere the cinnamon sugar mixture to the dough. The protein in the egg binds together, where the fat in the butter pushes apart. Fancy that! Anyways, it came together perfectly. The dough gorgeous and a dream to work with. Soaking the raisins really helped them to “set” into the bread better. With the other loaves, the raisins just wanted to fall out when I sliced the bread. Plus, I think the re-use of the raisin soaking liquid to proof your yeast adds nice flavor to the bread as well.

This recipe makes two loaves, so we enjoyed one this weekend. And, I stuck the other loaf in the freezer to be enjoyed this week! I know I’ll be coming back to this recipe again and again.