I’ve always loved Easter. Before Jon and I were even married, I made him dye easter eggs and did a little basket up of goodies for the two of us. So, now that we’re a family of four, we have even more fun getting into the holiday. The boys had a great time at an egg hunt last weekend, and we’re looking forward to dying eggs tomorrow. One of the things that really makes my Easter dinner table special is this coconut cake. I’ve been making it for as long as I’ve made him dye eggs, and it’s never let me down. Cook’s Illustrated is like that.

The one thing qualm I had about the recipe was the frosting, too sweet for my taste. So, I changed things up a bit and went with a coconut buttercream instead. I think it has a little more depth of flavor, and held up a little better under the pressure of all that delicious coconut piled on top. The cake gets a heavy dose of coconut flavor with the addition of cream of coconut (leftovers make fabulous Piña coladas) and coconut extract. I used those two ingredients in the frosting as well, and it really came out nice.

Have a happy and blessed holiday, and here’s hoping that the Easter bunny leaves you plenty of chocolate. Enough that your younger brother doesn’t can steal some out of your basket and you don’t mind. Happy Easter, everyone!