Coconut Cupcakes

I hope ya’ll aren’t tired of cupcakes yet, cause I’ve been on a roll. Plus, I figured with the week our country has had – we could probably all use a cupcake – right? I’ve been a fan of Ina’s coconut cupcakes for quite some time – but I always feel ridiculous using 3 sticks of butter in the batter for the cupcakes. Not to mention it makes like 46 cupcakes, when she says it’s supposed to make 18. 

So I scaled it down a bit, and made a few changes. I took a page from my favorite coconut cake recipe and added a bit of cream of coconut to the cake batter. It adds moisture, sweetness, and big coconut flavor – which are all big pluses in my book, as far as cupcakes are concerned! I also added a bit of coconut extract for an even more pronounced coconut flavor. Topped with a coconut cream cheese frosting, and a dusting of toasted coconut – it’s Heaven in a cupcake liner.