Creme De Menthe BrowniesTop o’ the mornin’ to you lads & lassies! We’re busy getting our green beer and carbomb cupcakes ready here on the Eastern Shore, but I wanted to share one more St. Patty’s Day related treat for you – and it’s Friday, so I thought something sweet was in order.

The first time I made these brownies was the 1st St. Pat’s Day that we were married, if my memory serves me correctly (which, it’s entirely possible that it doesn’t). My mother-in-law had gone to get Paula Deen’s new book signed for me when she was in Ft. Lauderdale, and it was the first recipe I’d made from it. This green-studded treat is a breeze to make – but it does take some time for cooling the layers, so keep that in mind before you start.

A moist chocolate brownie, topped with a gorgeous mint buttercream, then covered in a layer of chocolate. What’s not to love? Sure, they may not be the most authentic Irish treat – but, I can assure you it will be festive and delicious! And that’s what really matters, doesn’t it? Have a great, fun filled weekend everyone – and stay safe!