Fresh Cherry CobblerBing cherries have been popping up in my supermarket for a reasonable price already this year. They’ve been really good too – dark red and firm. Usually, it’s all I can do to restrain myself from eating them all “as-is” – but I do like to bake with them when possible. And muddling is always fun, and there’s no better reward than these fresh cherry margaritas.

A couple weeks ago, I headed over to the Opportunity Shop on the island. It’s a thrift store that is run by one of our local churches. We were at our weekly lunch excursion to Mom’s, and I left the boys with her to walk over to the thrift store, for a few blessed minutes alone. I always find my favorite props and old table linens there. And, on this occasion – I got an awesome stash of cookbooks. 2 of Giada’s cookbooks, an America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (Restaurant Favorites at Home), and also this Wolfgang Puck cookbook. We went home, the boys took a nap, and I enjoyed a cup of tea and my new cookbooks in peace. When I came across Wolfgang’s recipe for fresh cherry cobbler – I knew that it had to happen. I had just enough cherries in the fridge, so I made it for dessert that very night.

It was absolutely delicious. Often with cherry desserts, the flavor is so artificial. Not the case here! Every bite was bursting with the flavor or fresh cherries, only intensified because they’d been baked. And the cobbler topping just soaks up all the juices that were exuded during the baking process. Topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it really was Heaven.

My only complaint was the cobbler topping though. Not really a fan of the fact that you roll it out, then cut squares. Next time I’ll probably cut a cute shape out with a cookie cutter. Or maybe just do a crumbled cobbler topping – there’s something about that rustic look that I just love. Regardless, this was a wonderful dessert that I’m definitely looking forward to making again when cherry season is in full swing!