I’ve been having a lot of fun making pasta at home these days. I’ve had a pasta machine for a few years now, the kind with the handle you crank. It was a great little machine, but I never found myself getting it out to use.  I’d wanted the attachment for my stand mixer for a while now, but it was pricey – and, not really something I’d buy for myself. Well, my mom and dad were really good to me this year and gave it to me for Christmas! Since then, I’ve been making pasta probably once a week. It’s been so wonderful. While dried boxed pasta is very affordable, and you can even get high-quality imported pasta at your regular grocery store now…there is just something to be said for fresh pasta.

Tender, yet firm. Finally, the term “al dente” makes sense! I’ll be honest with you guys, my first attempt was a bunk. I used the recipe that came with KitchenAid attachment instructions, and it was a complete wreck. It used 100% all-purpose flour. I had to add a considerable amount more water than the recipe called for, and it just kept tearing when I tried to roll it out. That batch ended up in the trash can. But, I didn’t give up. I turned to Annie, who can always be counted upon for a great recipe. This dough came together beautifully, rolled out beautifully, and cut beautifully. I happened to have semolina on hand from a previous trip to the “big city”, and used what I had in a couple weeks. I had to poke around a bit to find it close by, but I found it at a health food store. The 50/50 ratio of all-purpose flour to semolina is just perfect. I’m looking forward to trying some flavored pastas as well. I think I’ll mix some chopped fresh herbs into the pasta next time. With some sautéed garlic and olive oil. Perfect, simple dinner! Enjoy.