Garlic Rice Pilaf

This is one of those side dishes that have been a staple in our kitchen for a while now, but I’d never gotten around to sharing with you guys. Rice is so wonderful and versatile – accepts so many flavors into it’s little white grains.

This rice pilaf takes a little bit more time to put on the table than your standard white rice, due to the fact that it bakes in the oven. But, it’s not hands on – giving you time to finish up dinner while the rice is cooking. The burst of flavor from the garlic is unparalleled though, and well worth the extra time in the oven.

If I have leftovers, I’ll mix in some chopped up veggies and any make myself a make-shift fried rice for lunch the next day. If you’re feeding a larger crowd, the recipe can easily be doubled without having to increase the cooking time.