Quick Vanilla Buttercream

Being a Maryland girl who is married to is married to one of the biggest 49ers fans around, we’re just a wee bit excited about the game tonight. Last year, we hoped against hope that we’d have this matchup – only to be disappointed in the end. But this year, it happened!

Kind of puts me in an odd place, actually. You see, I’m a Redskins fan – born and raised. For a long time, Washington was all we had. When the Ravens came to town (or, back to town – I should say?) I felt like I couldn’t just change my loyalty to a team like that – so for years I’ve kind of hated on them. But, when you’re in a place who’s town is going to the Super Bowl, well you can’t help but soften up a bit. Everyone is wearing their purple, but we here in the Davis house are proudly rocking our red and gold (which is incidentally the Redskins colors too). It’s been fun jabbing all the Ravens fans, and showing our support in the heart of the so-called “Ravens Nation”. frostyBut, I have to say I’d be happy to see either team win. Both have had a terrific season, and the fact that they are brothers? So cool. So, I had to do something extra-special to mark the occasion. And, what better way to do that than with cupcakes? I did a standard red velvet with cream cheese frosting for the 49ers, glazed with some gold dust, then topped with a #7 for our star quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. I ran across the idea for these “kaepcakes” last week, and thought they were so cute! They turned out great. For the Ravens cupcakes, I did a simple chocolate cupcake and topped with an even simpler buttercream frosting – with white and gold embellishments, and a royal icing football on top. They’re very festive, and didn’t take much time. Will make a great centerpiece on our munchie table tonight!

This quick buttercream frosting is my go-to standard frosting. A few ingredients, and you’ve got a homemade frosting that will crush anything that comes from a can. I hope you all enjoy game day, and have some great food in your future today! Go Niners!