Macaroni salad was always one of those things I bought pre-packaged at the deli (blech, I know!). The concept seemed simple enough; pasta, veggies, mayonnaise based sauce. But, somehow it always went horribly wrong – managing to be a clumpy gloopy mess, but also still dry. I had given up hope, until I came across a recipe from a source I can always trust.

In Hawaii, where macaroni salad is a staple when it comes to plate lunches, it’s been a long known secret that you intentionally overcook the pasta – to make it “fat”. It helps it to really soak up the sauce, and keep the pasta moist and delicious. It makes a large batch that is perfect to take to a cookout. Or, for a simple dinner at home with some grilled barbequed chicken. Leftovers were great too! With a little grilled tuna or chicken, and some diced fresh pineapple tossed it – made for an awesome lunch.