Hummingbird Cupcakes

Is it warm and sunny enough to be deemed Spring where you are yet? We’re still working on it here on the Eastern Shore – but I’m confident it will be in full bloom before too long. We’ve had daffodils coming up for a couple weeks now, which is always a sure sign. I’m glad I went and picked them all (at my house, as well as my Aunt’s beach home), because after we got snow on Monday – the ones I left behind outside were looking pretty frail and beaten-down come Tuesday.

I’ll also have to get my hummingbird feeder out soon, as the males like to come early to “check out the scene”. While they enjoy the food (simple syrup – they are easy to please!) in the feeder, they adore the Mimosa tree in our backyard even more. I love to sit out there in the warmer months with a glass of iced tea, and just watch them flitter and flutter around, doing their noble work, while the boys play outside.

So, about these cupcakes – so incredibly good. A boatload of tropical fruits are added to the batter, which adds an incredible level of moistness. Jon & I both agreed that they were reminiscent of carrot cake – but fruitier. I topped it off with a coconut cream cheese frosting, the slight tang from the frosting was just perfect against the sweet, fruity cake.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. We’re going to be dying eggs, hunting eggs down, and eating alot of ham for days to come. These cupcakes would be just perfect on your Easter table, and the dried pineapple flowers – though a little time consuming, are super-easy and make such an impressive garnish. I don’t think a hummingbird himself could resist!