Three weeks ago I contracted COVID-19. Seems like I caught it early enough, was able to quarantine in the bedroom, and not pass it along to Jon or the boys. It was a long 10 days being apart from my family, and thankfully I had a very easy time of it – slight fever and headache, and that was it.

Jon did a great job of taking care the boys and I, keeping up with their virtual school stuff and handling breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatta man, ya’ll. He also made a trip to pick up some groceries that I ordered online from Walmart, easy food stuff to get us through the week. I added a Louisiana Crunch Cake to the cart not knowing exactly what it was, but having a feeling I could get behind it.

Over the course of the next week I ate the entire cake. Jon says that one of the boys had a chunk, but I think he’s just trying to make me feel better. I was hooked. But I am not the kind of gal who buys baked goods at the store – so I knew I wanted to make one at home…

Moist lemony cake topped with a crunchy coating of caramelized sugar and shredded coconut. It’s added to the bottom of the pan before adding the batter – and ends up on top once you flip and release. Speaking of which, this cake does beautifully. Bundts always make me nervous, as they do many bakers. I didn’t even have to tap this one, I was a happy camper. I topped with an easy, quick glaze and a little extra toasted coconut – just to make it extra pretty.

I’m gonna try to not eat the whole thing! Pray for me.