Macadamia Key Lime Pie

When I first saw this pie in a recent issue of “Taste of Home” I literally gasped. I bought all the ingredients the next time I went to the supermarket, and them promptly kept on putting it off – for one reason or another. I got around to making it this week, and let me just say that my waistline is wishing that I’d kept putting it off…because I found myself eating close to half of the damn thing by myself!

It’s a no-bake pie, which is always a winner this time of year. Although, I did end up toasting the pie crust for a few minutes – to bring out the rich flavor of the macadamia nuts in the crust. I loved the use of shortbread cookies instead of the traditional graham as well! The filling had plenty of pucker from the addition of fresh lime juice and zest, but was balanced out with a perfect sweet creaminess.

A simple garnish of fresh whipped cream, lime slices, and chopped macadamias makes this one gorgeous pie! Perfect for any summertime soiree, or to brighten a dark winter’s day alike. This one is definitely a keeper!