Mushroom, Onion & Swiss BurgerI’d say that sauteed mushrooms and onions are one of the best toppings for a burger in the world. And, the “old-standbys” become that way for good reason – because they’re awesome. The preparation of the mushroom and onions is but the work of a few fleeting moments, but lifts your burger into a whole different stratosphere, than just a plain ol’ cheeseburger would.

I was actually planning on making these In-n-Out copycats, when I realized I was out of pickles (the horror!) so had to change my tactics. I had a half of a package of mushrooms in the fridge, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use them! Sauteed them with onion until golden, grilled the burgers, let the gooey Swiss melt – dinner was served, and it was a damn fine burger!

This really just made me hungrier for backyard BBQ’s with friends in the months ahead. Also, the beach! My mom & dad got us a portable Weber propane grill this year for Christmas. So, we’re looking forward to grilling burgers both bayside and oceanside this year! It’s also great to take to the park and grill some hot dogs for lunch while the boys play. And, I love that I can do it by myself – without Jon’s help. I see us getting quite a bit  of use out of it in the coming months. Come on, summertime!