In my house growing up, orange rolls for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning was a tradition. I remember anxiously waiting to put them in the oven at 8:30 – so that they’d be ready to eat when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade came on. Then, mom putting the turkey in shortly thereafter to perfume the air in the house all morning and afternoon long.

I always have preferred orange rolls to cinnamon rolls. Something about that sweet, citrusy zing that I just love. But I’d always made them from the tube, and for something as special as Thanksgiving morning breakfast – I wanted to learn to make them from scratch. I’ve made these a couple times now, and they’re always wonderful and well received. Light, yeasty and moist – with plenty of bright flavor.

I hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, and spend the day treasuring the time with family and friends. I can’t wait to see the jolly man in the red suit pull into Herald Square on Thursday at noon – and bring the official start of the Holiday season along with him. Happy Holidays, everyone!