We have stir-fry. Alot. It’s such a quick and easy healthy weeknight meal, it’s rare we make it through one week without having one in one form, or another. That’s the wonderful thing about them, they’re so versatile. Chicken, beef, shrimp (whatever protein floats your boat) – any veggies you have hanging out in the fridge, and dinner is done in under 30 minutes.

One we hadn’t tried at home yet, but is a favorite of mine when we order take-out,  is Pepper Steak.  There’s something about those tender strips of beef, sweet sauteed peppers, in that rich brown sauce that I just love. Came across Martin Yan’s recipe for the dish (if Yan can cook – so can you!), and set to make it. I was super-stoked actually, because who doesn’t love Yan Can Cook? I vividly remember watching him on TV with his flaming wok when I was just a little girl, and always loved him.

The recipe was a winner, better than any version I’d had in a restaurant. And, as I mentioned before – took no time at all. Marinading the beef takes longer than it does to cook the dish. And, don’t be afraid of the heat. Bell peppers aren’t spicy at all, and the chile on top is optional. Although, I must admit – those zesty little bites of heat were just perfect sprinkled on top. Another one to add to the stir-fry rotation!