The first time I tired a beer mac & cheese, it was bad – reaaaaaallly bad. I used a hoppy pale ale, which in retrospect, was definitely not the best choice. That was about a year ago now, and a recent trip to Dogfish Head’s Brewpub got me thinking about the concept again. They have a delicious porcini macaroni and cheese on the menu there. We’d been planning a trip there for about a month now, but keep having to put it off for one reason or another – sickness, hurricanes, whatever. So, I made my own version at home this week – adding in a bit of our home brewed pumpkin ale, and it turned out absolutely incredible. Maybe even better than the original!

It’s really no more effort than a standard macaroni and cheese recipe, aside from soaking the porcini mushrooms before hand. It never ceases to amaze me the flavor punch that those little dried mushrooms contain. Love, love, love them! I’ve already added it to our menu for next week, this one is most definitely a winner!