Raspberry Plum Sorbet

It’s hot. And chances are, it’s hot where you are too. I’ve been putting my little ice cream machine to work overtime the past few weeks. While homemade ice cream is fabulous, sometimes you want something a little bit lighter…like a sorbet, for instance. Made with nothing but fresh fruit and a little bit of sugar, it’s a sweet treat that’s a little more figure friendly.

I’d gotten some awesome plums at Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago. They were kind of pricey, and I didn’t want to shell out for them – but I was so glad I did. They were the kind of plums that when you bite into them, they’re such a dark purple that they’re almost black. Honestly, some of the best I’ve had in years. So when Elly posted the recipe for this sorbet, it was a “must make” situation. The color was so beautiful and alluring. The flavor is absolutely wonderful too. Plenty of sweetness from the plums, with a tart punchy kick from the raspberries. So wonderfully refreshing! And, did I mention the color?

We’ve spent a lot of time out in the sun at the beach  and on the boat this past week. And, it’s the beginning of Pony Penning week on Chincoteague Island – pretty much a holiday for us ‘teaguers. Which means a lot more fun in the sun and boat this week. It’s comforting to know that we have so many homemade sweet treats to cool off with when we get home!