In the past, I always turned my nose up at pork tenderloins. I think it’s because I’d never had one cooked properly – they were always flavorless and overcooked. A month or so ago, Elly posted a recipe for a delicious zesty dry-rubbed pork loin, and I made a mental note. A couple of weeks ago they went on sale at my local grocery store, so I picked one up with Elly’s recipe in mind.

We loved it. Loved it so much we’ve since had it again, which is unusual for us to eat something twice in a two week period. For being such a filling, comforting meal – it is super duper easy. And, a one pan dish as well! Sear off the pork loin in a cast iron pan, toss in some veggies, then finish cooking in the oven. In less than 30 minutes, dinner is on the table. The rub has wonderful flavors; lots of smokey cumin, spicy chili powder, and a bit of allspice- which gave it a  hint of a jerk seasoning. Would be a nice option for Cinco de Mayo actually, that isn’t a taco or a burrito (not that there’s anything wrong with that! Seinfeld fans, anyone?)

Most packages of tenderloins I buy actually have 2. No worries, they both fit in the skillet just fine and cooking time is about the same. I usually season 1 with the rub, which is enough to feed our crew for dinner. Then, season the other simply with salt and pepper. Leftovers make for an incredible Cuban sandwich or stir-fry later in the week!