I’ve definitely been getting into the Christmas spirit the past couple of weeks. Lots of baking and decorating have been going on around here, Christmas music playing in the kitchen…it’s safe to say preparations are in full swing! I’d had these cookies bookmarked to try for a while, and they kept popping up all over the place with rave reviews. For my birthday, I received 2 different sets of AmeriColor food coloring. I knew I wanted to make these cookies to play with my new present.

They’re all they are cracked up to be! Big and thick, cakey, and delicious. They were so much fun to decorate too! I split the batch of frosting in two, and did one half red, and one half green. I thought they were very bright and cheery for the Holidays. These kicked the pants off of the store bought variety of these cookies. Here’s how to make them!