Sourdough Bread

A few weeks ago I ordered a sourdough starter online. It was from a seller in San Francisco, who claims that it comes from a famous bakery in the city that is now closed. I received the powdered starter in the mail, and got to work re-hydrating it. A week later I had more starter than I knew what to do with, so I’ve been keeping some in the fridge – and some on the counter for baking on a whim. You can certainly make your own starter too! Here’s a great tutorial on how to do so. I’m looking forward to making my own “Chincoteague – aka Tump Strain” this summer with locally cultivated yeasts from the island.

I had my first taste of good sourdough bread when we visited my mother-in-law in the beautiful sunny city of Ventura, California. After that, I was hooked. Sadly, here in my rural area – I have a hard time finding a sourdough loaf that lives up to what it’s supposed to be. So, I did what any self-respecting girl who loves to bake would do…and made my own.

The first recipe I tried didn’t require a 2-day process, and was good…but, it wasn’t that dense, chewy , and flavorful loaf that I’d been hoping for. Then I remembered this recipe that Annie had posted last year, and knew that it had to be a winner. Sure, it’s a little time-consuming…but most of it is “hands off” – just waiting for the yeast and bacteria to do it’s thing. And I promise you, the results are well worth the wait! A bonus is that it makes 2 loaves – one for munching on fresh, and one for slicing and putting in the freezer to take out slices as you need it. Toasted, with an egg over easy, and a spot of bacon jam…holy moly, Heaven on a plate.