Strawberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Gosh – it sure has a busy week around here. I’ve been in the kitchen baking pretty much everyday – rolls, bread, pitas, and this delicious coffee cake. This blackberry version has long been my favorite, but when I came across this strawberry-cream cheese version on Pinterest I couldn’t wait to try something different. I also happened to have everything I needed right on hand, as I had some strawberries in the refrigerator that were on their last leg and needed to be put to use in something.

The cake batter comes together quickly, then you top with a simple cream cheese mixture and a quick homemade strawberry jam using fresh berries, then it’s all topped off with a delicious almond streusel. The cake was tender and sweet, and the layers of toppings from the cream cheese and strawberries just made it totally rich and decadent. Not to mention how beautiful it turned out!

It would be a show stopper at a Sunday morning breakfast or brunch for sure. Or, just to bake on an idle Friday night and have around for nibbling on all weekend long. We’re looking forward to a family trip with our crew, as well as one of my best friend and her family to Ocean City. We’re heading to a restaurant we’ve been dying to try, The Shark on the Harbor – and then it’s on to The Annual Waterman’s Expo! A trip to the boardwalk and Thrasher’s might also have to be in order…you know, for the baby. Then on Sunday, football of course. Still trying to decide what munchies to make. I’m thinking a big dish of roasted Seahawk is definitely on the menu. Heh. GO NINERS! I hope that everyone has a great weekend! 

Source: highly adapted from Food Wanderings In Asia