Sugar Cookie BarsValentine’s Day is tomorrow, so that means I had to share something sweet with you guys today. While most people think of champagne and chocolate, and other caviar tastes – I can’t help but love the simpler things on Valentine’s Day. We always stay at home, and I make a heart-shaped meatloaf. That’s a tradition we always had in my house growing up, and it’s a fun one to be able to pass down to our boys. And, we all look forward to opening our family Valentine Box – a box that’s been decorated with paper, heart doilies, and stickers. A slot is cut through the top to deposit cards, little gifts, boxes of chocolate, etc. It’s something I always really looked forward to as a little girl, and Andrew really seems to be digging it too!

He is also really digging all the parties he’s been having at school in the past couple months with all the holidays and whatnot. He’s got a Valentines Day party at school on Thursday, and we’re trying to figure out what to send in to share with the class. These sugar cookie bars are a top contender! I mean, could they be any more festive? They’re delicious too – denser than a cake, but fluffier and cakier than a cookie. They take a few minutes to throw together, and the batch feeds an army – which is always good when feeding an entire class. If you’re looking for a last minute sweet idea to send in with your little one, these will not disappoint! And, with a different food coloring – could be perfect for so many different occasions.