Sugared Cranberries

I’ve been wanting to make these pretty little gems since I first started seeing them pop up on the internet a couple of years ago. They couldn’t be more easy, or festive – and they bring a nice little pop of color and sweetness to your holiday table.

Fresh cranberries are steeped for a few hours in a simple syrup, then set out to dry for a bit before getting a dusting of sugar to make them glisten. They’re sweet and tart, with a bit of crunch left. The perfect finger food, a gorgeous addition to a wheel of baked brie, or simply as a garnish for that special dessert or cocktail you’re having at your Christmas parties.

And, it’s the perfect thing to let your little ones help out with in the kitchen. They loved rolling around the cranberries in the sugar, and then munching on them afterwards. This is one we’ll look forward to making again and again during the Holiday season!