I first tried this recipe years ago, back when I got myself on the test recipe list from Cook’s Illustrated. If you’re not aware of the program, visit this site for more information. Basically, once every month or so you get a recipe to try out – then you take a survey, and leave your comments about it. I think it’s so cool to play a small part in the publication that I hold so close to my heart! Definitely check it out.

Of course, as a recipe tester, you can’t share the recipes before their published. But, luckily – this one made it to press several years ago now, so I can share it with you today! The tangerine is such a fun, refreshing twist. We all really enjoy this one! I was a little short on snow peas, but had a few extra mushrooms in the fridge, so I threw them in, and they fit well. That’s the great thing about stir-frys, there’s not many veggies that don’t work in one!