A couple of months ago, we finally gave quinoa a try, and am so glad we did. It’s healthy, quick, and takes on any flavor that you add to it. Last week I made coconut shrimp, but wanted something lighter to go with it. My first thought was a mango-lime rice, but wasn’t feeling up to my reigning title as “Starch Queen of the Eastern Seaboard”.  I had a mango, an avocado, and some quinoa – so I whipped up this salad, and everyone gobbled it right up. How awesome is it to hear your 4 year old say “I love quinoa!”?

It was light, yet filling, and flavorful. I think some fresh grilled pineapple would fit nicely into the equation here as well, so feel free to toss some in if you have it handy. That’s the great thing about quinoa, it makes it really easy to “wing it”, and make something fabulous from things you have in your pantry or crisper drawer.