Snow Cream

We got an unexpected amount of snow on Wednesday night. We got a dusting last Friday, and that’s pretty much what we were anticipating for this week. Only when we woke up on Thursday morning, there was close to 6 inches blanketing our neighborhood. Which, I know 6-inches isn’t much for many of you guys – who regularly see feet. But, here by ocean we never seem to get amounts worthy of playing in. I don’t know if it’s the warm winds off of the water pushing the storms away, or what – but it’s been a while since I can remember this much. And, more is supposed to be coming this afternoon and evening!snowdayWe had a great day playing in the snow, making snow angels and building a snowman. The boys were little icicles by the time they came inside, so I made a pot of hot cocoa and we all enjoyed it while trying to warm up. Everyone took a nap, we watched a movie, and then went outside for more shenanigans in the snow, and to gather some snow to make snow cream. It’s basically ice cream made from snow, and it’s absolutely delicious. Snow, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla – that’s it. These ingredients combine to form something so special. And, it’s something the little ones love to help with – gathering the snow, then mixing it.

Now, I know a few of you will be saying “Eeew – she eats filthy snow that’s fallen from the sky? Off the ground? Gross” Which, I suppose if I lived in some concrete jungle in a city, then no – I probably wouldn’t advise making snow cream. But, I’ve eaten countless batches and am still here to tell the tale. No third arm has started sprouting yet! So, I’ve never concern myself with those thoughts. I will say that I’ve heard to not use snow from the first snow of the year. But, I can’t say I’ve adhered to that rule either…

This was the first time I added the seeds from a vanilla bean, in addition to vanilla extract. It really bumped it up to the next level, flavor wise. And, who doesn’t love seeing vanilla bean specks in their dessert? If you’re fortunate enough to have pristine snow on the ground in the morning – do yourself a favor and fill up a bowls worth for dessert that night. Hell, I’ve even been known to make a batch for breakfast!

Stay warm guys, have a great weekend.