White Chocolate Pudding w/ Blackberry CurdOne of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was Deb’s book, The Smitten Kitchen. As with her blog, I want to make pretty much everything the woman puts in print. But, decided on this white chocolate pudding with blackberry curd as a great place to start. I’m not really a fan of white chocolate, or at least I’ve thought I haven’t been. But over the past year it’s really grown on me – and how could any form of pudding be, really?

We enjoyed these the night before we left for Charleston, they were that easy to bring together. Even with an insanely hectic day I still managed to carve out 10 minutes to cook the pudding, and the curd. Speaking of curd, I’d never had any flavor other than lemon – and let me just tell you, I’m sold. They were just so darn pretty, and delicious. The pudding was creamy and rich. And the blackberry curd on top was such a nice punch in contrast with the sweetness from the pudding. I’m looking forward to trying it with raspberry as well!