It’s that time of year here on Chincoteague. When a friend or neighbor will knock on your door, and present you with a Ziploc bag full of freshly caught scallops, soft shell crabs, drum fish, shrimp…whatever happens to be good on the docks or our little roadside seafood markets that day. It’s pretty much my favorite time of year on our little island, aside from Pony Penning…

So when my BFF stopped by last week with these gorgeous scallops, it made me feel one step closer to full-blown summer. I’d also happened to restock my supply of Geechie Boy grits last week too. While shrimp & grits is a regular on our menu this time of year, I thought – why not scallops instead?

Seasoned them simply with some of my homemade seasoning salt and pepper, gave them a quick sear. Happened to some fresh spinach on hand that needed to be used, so I sauteed that with a little bit of garlic and champagne vinegar – which did a great job of deglazing the pan and bringing all that awesome flavor into the dish. I think kale or chard would also be wonderful in place of the spinach!

The grits are a perfect accompaniment, because they kind of take care of themselves on the stove while you get the scallops squared away. Also, grits are so versatile when it comes to different flavors. I wanted something with a little bit of a coastal twist – so I stirred in some Old Bay right before serving. Life changing, ya’ll…

Served with a lovely local Rosé and a salad, it was the perfect way to break-in dinners on the back porch season for us! 


  1. Posted May 4, 2017 at 2:13 PM | Permalink

    Always a fan of seared scallops! What a cool local tradition you guys have. Your island sounds like the perfect place to live!

    • Posted May 5, 2017 at 8:40 PM | Permalink

      It’s a pretty sweet dot on the map, that’s for sure! 🙂

  2. Posted May 5, 2017 at 3:20 PM | Permalink

    I remember telling my husband we would eat so healthfully if we lived in Chincoteague because of all those little seafood stands and the local fresh produce. He reminded me when we are there I spend all my time at the Island Creamery and Sandy Pony and I don’t like seafood anyway.

    Well HE loves seafood, so he would eat well. He loves the scallops, so I should at least make a trip to the big fish market and put this on dinner rotation this week. You also never knew a Jewish guy from NY who loves grits so much.

    • Posted May 5, 2017 at 8:35 PM | Permalink

      My freezer is currently full of various quarts from Island Creamery, so – I feel your pain sister. 😉

      While I love my little seafood shacks, I envy the shoppers in the glorious markets in the big cities. And the availability of every ingredient under the sun – from every culture imaginable. Have fun, and enjoy!

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