For me, Heaven on Earth is frying a ball of dough and then stuffing it with pastry cream. So I naturally fell in love with these traditional Polish doughnuts when I came across them on Nikki’s site a couple of years ago. They’re often made around Lent, to use up all the rich things hanging around the house – stuff like butter or lard, sugar, and eggs.

I wanted to make them for Fat Tuesday last year, but never got around to it. This year I did, and I know that it will be a tradition from here on out in our house. The dough is tender, yet denser than a traditional doughnut. A bit of vodka is added to the dough, which evaporates during cooking, but prevents too much oil from being absorbed into the dough during frying. They’re then filled with a rich pastry cream or fruit filling, and dusted with a bit of powdered sugar before serving.

They’re best eaten the day that they’re made, so don’t dilly-dally in enjoying them. Take some into work to share with your co-workers, or to a Mardi Gras party. Just don’t let them go to waste! This recipe makes about 25 doughnuts, which is plenty to enjoy and plenty to spread the love too. A great weekend project!

Source: adapted from Epicurious and All Recipes via Seeded At The Table


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    Glad you finally got to try my Packzi’s! I look forward to this time of year just because of these! 😉 Your photo is gorgeous. I was just thinking yesterday how I need to update my photos for this recipe…but now I’m thinking I might just illegally steal yours. haha! 🙂

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    Your doughnuts look great!!

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    they look amazing!

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    I’ve been on the lookout for a good paczki recipe and these look like it!

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    These look so incredibly delicious! Wish I had one now!

  7. Carol
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    These look delicious! This recipe sounds great and easy to make.

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